Saltwater Fly Fishing Schools

The Blackfly Saltwater Fly Fishing School is actually comprised of several different flyfishing schools. Click on the school listings on the left to view what the classes include.

Class on beach Fly Fishing 2014, covers general fly fishing that will give you the basics of fly fishing so that you can fish anywhere there is saltwater. It's taught by 4 professional guides that have fished just about everywhere and will give you all the in's and out's of what they know. The fly fishing class covers everything from knots to how to get ready to go fishing. Classroom and on the water instruction is what makes this class so special.

Bonefish Release The Blackfly Bahamian Bonefish School is all about converting freshwater anglers to the world of saltwater. It's a great opportunity to learn all about bonefishing with all of the student anglers starting from the beginning plus actually catching fish on a flats skiff with a Bahamian bonefish guide.

Redfish Release The Blackfly Learn to Fly Fish North East Florida is geared to the local angler just starting out in flyfishing who needs help in casting and where to go to catch fish. We cover all the basics of fly fishing, rods, reels, knots, weather and fishing spots and other secrets that help you become a better angler in the north Florida area.

Free Casting lessons Free Professional Fly Casting Lessons is a staple at the Blackfly Outfitter Fly Shop and we will always take the time to take beginning students out to our front lawn to teach the basic mechanics of casting.

Flood Tide Outing The Blackfly Flood Tide Wade Out is one of our favorite schools. Every year in the late summer and fall there are full moon tides that create a feeding situation for the local redfish population to swim up into the shallow marsh grass to feed. These fish are perfect fly rod targets and knowing how to approach these fish is what our Wade Out Class is all about.

Fly Tying Class Blackfly Fly Tying I II & III is a great opportunity for beginners and experts alike to take advantage of our expert tiers that are in the Blackfly Outfitter store everyday. See our class schedule for dates and times.